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    TEENAGERS (Paul de Métairy - France)

    Beside not very commendable teenagers, there exist some others, but who are never showed... Now, these young people, like Lucas, Alexis, etc, can have a beneficial influence on the youths adrift, and even make them better. But sometimes it is necessary to agree to pay the full price, like the corn grain which must die to bear fruit... It is what this film shows, film at the same time dramatic and full with hope, inspired from real facts.

    Festival official selections : Philadelphia, Granada (Spain), London (Portobello, main film of Youths Day), Brussels ("Special Mention of the Jury"), San Francisco, Paris ("Best actor" for Robert Castel), Strasbourg (France), SkyFest (Prize of Excellence), New York International Film Festival, The Accolade Competition ("Golden Award of Merit"), Indie Fest (award of Merit), Lucerne Showcase (CH). "Best narrative Feature" at California Film Awards (San Diego). "Award of Platinum" at Oregon Film Awards, "Gold Kahuna Award" at Honolulu Film Awards, "Bronze Palm Award" at Mexico Film Festival. Zimbabwe Festival 2014. Lincoln University GNARL festival (UK). Toluca Lake Fernleif ("Best actor" for Robert Castel). Middle Coast Film Festival Bloomington.

    Even short excerpts (!) were selected and awarded: at Schull (Ireland), Paris, New York ("Special Mention granted by the Jury"), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Chicago; "Award of Excellence" at Best Shorts (USA). part of the awards

    It's a film that already saved lives. All the part about the drama of the suicide of young people was perceived by the medical film festival of Liege (Belgium) as a help to professionals to come in confidence with teenagers; the method of massage used by the young Alexis to dissuade his buddy Brieuc to kill himself, is now (partially!) in use in Belgium.

    In this film, there is also showed that violence ends up, early or late, backfiring on the authors. Even terrorists will now think twice, before killing innocent people. The jihadists hate this film, because the film dissuades young people from joining the jihadists.

    There are also some scenes of naturism ; I was told that by making these images commonplaces, it can reduce the phantasms of some sexual delinquents. These scenes (like in Greystoke) are absolutely legal (the local authorities have verified it and found nothing wrong; young people will have no problem with it, they are accustomed to it in their sport activities).

    But the main message of the film is the example of young people like Lucas and Alexis, or older, like Pierre and Mireille, who faced the dramas of life. The end of the film is very moving, and we can see that, after dramas, we have to accept that life continues.

    The young actors were asked to play very naturally, to "live" their character ("cinéma vérité"), without emphasis. Robert Castel, in the last part, is extraordinary, and received an interpretation award at Paris and an other one at the Fernleif Toluca Lake Festival; are also good candidates Simone Langlois (the great international singer, who makes here her come back to cinema, after 40 years absence), and the young Belgian actor Sandy who had a very difficult double role (at 12 and at 15 years).

    The philosophical or even religious points of view can really help some youths in their life.

    The story :

    1998. We find Lucas young adult, but with an enormous problem. In a song he had composed, he had denounced the massacre of children by terrorists. Those condemned him to death (of course...) and sent Saïd (14 years), a boy of their organisation, to execute Lucas. But when Lucas and Saïd met, they discovered each one at the other the affection that they missed. Problem: if Saïd did not carry out his mission, it is him who would be killed with all his family, what Lucas could not accept. His decision was quickly taken...

    Back to 1983. Lucas is then 12 years old. He has to keep company, during the holidays, to Erwan (15 years) whose parents set alone on a journey. Erwan defers on Lucas his bitterness to be thus forsaken. He treats him like a dog, obliging him to eat only bread and cheese, and to live without clothes, "like a dog". Lucas accepts bullying and humiliations, inspired by the example of Christ, so that Erwan is less unhappy. But some day Erwan goes too far, and Lucas spends a night between life and death. As a result, Erwan tries to redeem himself in little Lucas' eyes, and becomes attached to him. But after Lucas' stay, Erwan does not want to take the risk to see him again, fearing to see him becoming malicious like he, by growing up...

    Nowadays. Alexis, 15 years, tries to live according to the message of love and hope left by Lucas to all the young people. One evening, in the street, he is extorted money by three delinquents: Naïm, Brieuc and Kevin. But thanks to his astuteness, it's he who takes a little money from them! At the same time, he shows them that one can have affection for them... if they accept it! Thereafter, he undertakes to set them on the right way again (with the difficulties we can imagine), making use of the conceptions of Lucas, with the assistance of his aunt Mireille with whom he lives, and of Pierre, a philosopher living as a hermit. In a very strong scene, Alexis succeeds in dissuading the best one from these youths, Brieuc, from committing suicide. But what these youths were unaware of, was that Alexis, very sick, lived his last weeks; when he sang "Corn Grain" in the cathedral, he knew that it was his story and he faced his destiny with the same courage as Lucas... He leaves the young people ten simple principles to make a success of their life.

    " The Spiritual Cinema Circle would like to thank you for your efforts in not only envisioning, but actually creating "Hope in the Morning" (NB : 3d part of "Teenagers"). It takes incredible courage, persistence and faith to make a project like this one, and you are truly an inspiration to us. Thank you for submitting your film, and for the courage and vision you had in making it. "

    " "Teenagers" addresses some interesting subject material and takes a different, more modern look at religious allegory. " (Wildsound, Canada). Cinema House (New York) : " It is a well-made movie and worthy of the attention of the market. It is fresh, original and inspiring ".

    All artistic and technical credits: Paul de Métairy, except the music: Lucas de Métairy.

    Casting :

    Robert Castel (Pierre) - Simone Langlois (Mireille) - Sandy (Lucas at 12, Alexis at 15) - Cyril Butaeye (Lucas young adult) - Vincent Lucadello (Saïd) - Sullivan Leray (Erwan) - Geoffrey Lascombe (Brieuc) - Alexis Claux (Dominique) - Yamin Gougmar (Naïm) - Jean-Samuel Duvivier (Kevin) - Episcopal vicar Georges Armand (own role) - presentation : Laura Bouquiaux & Laurent Pompairac.

    It needed 12 years to make this film. The casting alone took 2 years to find 8 youths and 2 adults matching full with their characters. The young Sandy had a very difficult double role, at 12 and at 15 years, with lots of texts to learn; he faced stressfull situations with great courage against the "dark" Erwan (Sullivan). Cyril managed to be as reserved and sententious as the real young Lucas.

    Geoffrey was very credible in the role of the sensible and fragile Brieuc. Yamin played the "bad boy" with all his natural of Parisian suburb teenager.

    And what to tell about the adult actors? Simone Langlois, the great singer, makes here her come back on the screen, after 40 years absence, in a role in turn strong, comforting, and moving: a dazzling performance. Last but not least, Robert Castel (75 years, 61 films) is the perfection in a role that he was waiting for his entire life: a philosopher trying to improve our world and especially the youths ; he received an award as "Best Actor" at the Festival de Cinéma de Paris.

    In a few words: I was very lucky, seen the final quality... even if, for the boys, I was often their "best enemy"!

    Films (in French with English subtitles) :

    ~ "Teenagers" (2016 version - 165') - 149' (156' with "epilogue") - (possibility 295')

    ~ "Un Enfant de Lumière" - "A Child of Light" - 15' - 32' - 84'

    ~ "Pour l'Eternité" - "For the Eternity" - 15' - 30' - 98'

    ~ "Un Matin d'Espérance" - "Hope in the Morning" - 30' - 34' - 60' - 116'

    ~ "Entre Cèze et Ardèche" - "Between Cèze and Ardèche" - 195'

    ~ "Sabrina, Alexis, Lucas..." - 15' - 20'

    ~ "Lucas, Saïd, Alexis" - 49'

    ~ "So Long..." - 2'32"

    ~ "Erwan - Night Poem" - 6'51"

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