165 minutes. Drama, For Kids, Foreign, Special Interest.

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  • Can a film save the world?

    Can a film save the world ? Imagine the scene: a young 14 year African boy storming with his kalachnikov in Charlie Hebdo's redaction room. Imagine he says to Cabu: « If I don't kill you, I will be killed myself and all my family too ». Imagine that Cabu, to spare the life of this young boy, accepts his fate and gives his life for him. Would it not be a strong example against terrorism ? Would we not erect statues of Cabu everywhere in the world? Now, it's what happened in 1998 with Lucas and Saïd. In a song the young Lucas had composed, he denounced the massacre of children by terrorists. Those condemned him to death (of course…) and sent Saïd (14 years), a boy of their organisation, to execute Lucas. But when Lucas and Saïd met, they discovered each one at the other the affection that they missed. Problem: if Saïd did not carry out his mission, it is him who would be killed with all his family, what Lucas could not accept. He gave his life for Saïd; but having to kill his only friend was unbearable for Saïd, who died a few minutes later, from a heart failure. That's the story of the 1st part of “Teenagers”. « A young European, blond and Catholic, who gives his life for a young African, brown and Muslim, is a slap in the face of all the bloody terrorisms of the world » says the director. Part 2 is the story of Lucas at 12 years, when he gave full affection to Erwan, 15 years, who had a very bad behaviour against him because he was unhappy. In part 3, Alexis, 15 years, tries to live according to the message of love and hope left by Lucas to all the young people. He dissuades a young delinquent from committing suicide, thanks to Lucas' messages. If we follow those messages, the world could live a “New Dawn”, full of hope. In the epilogue, we see Jesus (as young boy) very disappointed by our behaviour, and giving us a very Last Chance. « If Ben Laden had could watch this film on the little TV in his hideout, he had received the shock of his life! » says Paul de Métairy. The best or the worst film in the world? On one side, it is the most awarded independent French film; on the other side, on Internet there are only bad reports in the press (except from the film-maker LaBruce). Why? « The film is intended for young people adrift or adults in distress, not for people with a rather glamorous life… who confessed to have watched only a little part of the film, like eating only the mustard of a hamburger… The film saved already several lives of youths, it comforted adults, even in jail; very positive messages were received from doctors, psychologists, sociologists, medical festival, families with children, religious and institutional authorities, but all that has to remain confidential and cannot be splashed all over Internet, sorry ». It was maybe because of the large naturism scenes with young people? « Children and youths don't have problem with innocent naturism scenes, but well some adults, who forget that we are not born with clothes; if to be seen like Nature or God made us is obscene, then is Nature obscene, then is God obscene (!!). Those adults have maybe “a problem” ». What do you expect now? « One chance would be dubbing the film in English, Spanish, Arabic (!) and/or do a remake of part 3 with more bankable actors. Would there be on Earth a courageous distributor to earn plenty of money and give the film its chance to spread its bold positive messages? If not, we can stop to complain about Daesh, Boko Haram, the killings between young people in Marseille and in Los Angeles, and the suicide of our best youths… This film can really bring the religious communities closer, and fight the current mistrust and hostility. That can thus even bring back peace in certain places of the world (from where 5 awards as Best Film on Religion at Calcutta) ».

  • review & interview "Without any hesitation, TEENAGERS has been able to establish itself as a masterpiece in the field of independent cinema. As we get a here an attractive storyline, in the same way we get here the unique value of independent cinema. Last but not the least, PAUL DE METAIRY has made a history with his wonderful TEENAGERS".

  • 75 selections - 53 awards

    ~ Philadelphia, ~ Granada (Spain), ~ London (Portobello, main film of Youths Day), ~ Brussels (“Special Mention of the Jury”), ~ San Francisco, ~ Paris (“Best actor” for Robert Castel), ~ Strasbourg (France), ~ SkyFest (Prize of Excellence), ~ New York International Film Festival, ~ The Accolade Competition (“Golden Award of Merit”), ~ Indie Fest (award of Merit), ~ Lucerne Showcase (CH). ~ “Best narrative Feature” at California Film Awards (San Diego). ~ “Award of Platinum” at Oregon Film Awards, ~ “Gold Kahuna Award” at Honolulu Film Awards, ~ “Bronze Palm Award” at Mexico Film Festival. ~ American Online Film Awards ~ Middle Coast Film Festival ~ Zimbabwe Festival Harare. ~ Lincoln University GNARL festival (UK). ~ Toluca Lake Fernleif (“Best actor” for Robert Castel). ~ Colortape “People's Choice Award”, Brisbane. ~ Miami Independent Film Festival, ~ Los Angeles Cinefest, ~ winner at Independent Film Awards (USA) ~ winner “Best Controversial Film” at iChill Festival (Manila), ~ Best feature, Best Actor, Best Actress at Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, ~ Near to Nazareth (Israël) ~ AIFF Cannes, ~ Aab (India), ~ LA Cinefest, ~ Creation Film Festival (Canada), ~ Boost Film Festival, ~ Apple Martini Film Festival, ~ Wipe Film Festival (Berlin), ~ finalist at Amarcord Film Festival, ~ Bangalore (India), ~ Silicon Beach Film Festival, ~ Audience Award at Cutting Room Film Festival, ~ World on Fire (Bronze award), ~ Depth of Field, (Exceptional Merit) ~ Acafilms, ~ Alternative FF Toronto, ~ Calcutta Cult FF, ~ New Zealand Film awards, ~ Berlin Filmmaker Festival (5 nominations), ~ Rosarito, ~ Switzerland IFF, ~ Mindfield, ~ Best Film at Calcutta Religion, ~ Best Feature at AFC Global Fest, ~ Best Experimental Film, Best screenplay, Best Young Actor, Best Actor, Special Mention as Director, at the 5 Continents FF Venezuela, ~ Best 1st Film, Best Director, Best Actor at South Academy FF Chile, ~ Best Foreign feature at Royal Wolf, ~ Golden Fox at Calcutta Critic, ~ Bronze Awards for film and scenario at Pinnacle Film Awards, ~ Indie Wise Convention Miami, ~ Madhouse, ~ Jean-Luc Godard Awards Calcutta (Best Film on Religion). ~ Amritsar (India) - The Bioscope Global Film Festival, Guru Nanak Dev University ~ Mediterranean Film festival Cannes “special mention” for the epilogue. ~ L'Âge d'Or festival Calcutta: Critics Choice, Best Film on Religion, Film Score. ~ “So You Think You Can Act” : “Exceptional Merit” for Sandy, Vincent Lucadello, Sullivan Leray, Yamin Gougmar. ~ Annual Malta International Film Festival ~ Golden Award Best Film on Religion at Virgin Spring Cinefest. ~ Best Film on Religion at Mahul Woods International Film Festival - Purulia India ~ Brighton Rocks : honorable mention ~ Druk International film festival (India): best film on religion ~ International Screen Awards (Bali) International Day of Tolerance: Silver Award. ~ Picasso, Einstein, Buddha Intl FF: Best Content ~ Tripvill Film Festival (India) Best film on religion ~ Golden Valley Global Cinefest (India) honorable mention ~ L’Age d’Or International Art-house Film Festival (Calcutta): Golden “Pigeon d'Or” for the best score. ~ Europe Asia Festival of Cinema (Jakarta) - Silver Award ~ Globe Roaming Global Film Festival - Best film on Religion. ~ Cult Movies International Film Festival (2021)